New Bedford Charter School on Course for SuccessThis June, when the first graduates of the New Bedford Global Learning Public Charter School received their diplomas, they marked a major milestone, not only for themselves but also for an innovative institution that first opened its doors six years ago: All 14 members of the school’s first graduating class were accepted to college this fall. In a community where fully two-thirds of the student Read More →

Voucher Research Controversy“Principal Stratification Approach to Broken Randomized Experiments: A Case Study of School Choice Vouchers in New York City,” “Comment,” and “Rejoinder” By John Barnard, Constantine E. Frangakis, Jennifer L. Hill, and Donald B. Rubin; “Comment” by Alan Krueger and Pei Zhu Journal of the American Statistical Association, June 2003.

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Financial Aid 101For most parents, figuring out a way to pay for their child’s college education can be a hair-raising ordeal. The ins and outs of the process, as well as the many different types of aid available, can be intimidating for anyone, let alone a parent trying to balance their child's college career with financial realities. Fortunately, there are literally thousands of financial aid sources Read More →

Class Notes - Human Resource ManagementRecruitment

It is the discovering of potential of applicants for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies. It actually links together those with jobs and those seeking jobs.

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Why Barefoot is BestAh, the carefree barefoot days of summer: beach sand between your toes, green grass under your feet, and smooth floors and soft carpets underfoot at home. Are you and your children missing out on the rich stew of sensory feeling that going without shoes can give you? If your child goes straight from shoes to sandals to cleats this summer, you may be missing a whole Read More →

Advantages and Disadvantages of CocaineAside from a few extremely limited medical uses, cocaine has no other purpose except to give a person an intense feeling of pleasure known as a “high.” While this may not seem like such a bad thing, the great number of physical side effects that accompany that high, combined with the powerful psychological dependence it creates, makes it an extremely dangerous drug to take. Read More →

How to Plan a Family-Friendly Holiday PartyIt’s easy to keep the kids occupied at a child’s birthday, since those parties are all about the kids. But what to do when the holidays approach and you want to throw a party for kids and grown-ups? This article will provide tips and ideas so everyone can enjoy the party-even the hosts!

Planning the Party

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