Character: The Foundation of EducationThe purpose of education is to draw out the best from our students. It should be about more than just making good grades on bubble tests and making money after graduation. Education should teach students how to learn and to develop a love for life-long learning. Students need to learn to think for themselves. They need to be prepared to handle the problems they will encounter, Read More →

Why Fairy Tales MatterOnce upon a time, people began telling stories around the fire. The stories were as deep and dark as the woods where talking animals, elves, fairies and other enchanting characters lived. As time passed, the stories were collected and written down. Many were made into movies. And then parents began asking: what is it about fairy tales? Aren’t they too violent and scary Read More →

Pressure CookerThe Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids By Alexandra Robbins Hyperion, 2006, $24.95; 448 pages.

As reviewed by Diane Ravitch

When I was in public high school about a thousand years ago, life was very different. Half of my classmates at San Jacinto High School in Houston didn’t have any interest in going to college. Most Read More →

Exploring Career Options with Your TeenFor lots of teens-not to mention parents-those last years of high school are one long blitz. Courses get harder; friendships more complicated; and then there’s that looming question: what happens next? College? Work? What?

Whatever path your kid chooses, say counselors, you’re looking toward Real Life, and that’s not a bad thing. In fact, Read More →

Helping Auditory Learners SucceedAuditory learners learn best by hearing information and using self-talk, but how do you know if your child is an auditory learner? As a school counselor, I help students identify which learning style they use. Then I share strategies with students, parents and teachers to maximize the student’s learning.

There are three different ways we learn. We either learn Read More →

Custom Essay Help Service in AustraliaStudents worldwide and particularly in Australia find custom essay writing quite a tough task. There are various reasons behind it such as lack of time towards essay writing or procrastination towards academic activity. Such reasons lead students to avail Essay help for custom essays and even in cases of general essay writing. However, providing Custom Read More →

A Guide to Leveled BooksLike riding a bike, reading comes fast to some kids, and frustratingly slowly to others. For parents, it’s a knuckle-biter: having practiced again and again on the simple slopes of letters, sounds, and sight words, will your child push on without you? And what IS the right speed, anyway?

If you’ve got a kindergartener or first grader, you may hear about “leveled readers”: Read More →

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