Facing Your Fears as an Adult Returning to SchoolBy Matt McAllister

In case you hadn’t noticed, career colleges aren’t just for learning a vocational trade anymore. Nowadays, career colleges can help you obtain a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or even Doctorate Degree in just about any field of study, or they can even help you simply brush up on skills you might already have on your way to earning a certification or Associate’s Degree. Read More →

We deal with various situations and conditions every day and most of us handle it efficiently with the help of our communication skills, decision making skills and other assistive skills. But what will happen when anyone requires first aid assistance in front of you and you are not trained and well informed about it? This is the worse situation of anyone’s life because this is the time Read More →

The Mislabeled ChildFor example, children with dyslexia are often also extremely gifted, the Eides say. In fact, that’s why dyslexia is so often misdiagnosed. “The kids present in ways in which no one would suspect a learning disability. They’re often early readers who read at, or above, grade level. But they have significant problems in written output, spelling, and often math.” Studies have shown Read More →

This is a technique many classrooms use to help young writers learn the intricacies of the writing process. Here’s how it works: The teacher leads a group of students as they write a story together. In September, she will model how good writers come up with a topic, then ask students to contribute to the story. That’s where the interactive part comes in: the teacher will call on students to come up to the paper and write each letter as the class sounds out the word. Teachers also use this technique to teach early sight words.

Writing: What It Looks Like in the BeginningBeginning Read More →

Uncomfortable Reading on Race and EducationWhat was the educational impact of the civil rights movement? “No Easy Answers: Untangling race and education,” a book review essay by Gareth Davies published in this fall’s issue of Education Next (unabridged essay here, shorter version here), looks at two books that try to answer this question. “In different ways,” Davies writes, “these books make for uncomfortable reading.”

The first Read More →

The Internet is full of math problems, but many of them are pointless, says EDC’s Paul Goldenberg. They exist solely to practice what a student already knows, without leading to or developing larger concepts or questions. In such cases, he says, “the individual problems don’t matter, and neither do the answers.”

Problems with a Point, a new EDC Web site developed by a team of eight Read More →

Up Close with Mildred Z. Solomon, EDC Vice PresidentDr. Mildred Solomon directs EDC’s Center for Applied Ethics and Professional Practice. The center researches the complexities associated with advances in medical knowledge and technology, and designs programs aimed at improving clinical practice, health care decision-making, and, ultimately, patient and family well-being. She was recently named to the U. S. Department Read More →

What is 'Affordable Housing?'High-priced housing is not a typical topic for a high school social studies class. This year, students in five Massachusetts high schools learned about the lack of affordable housing and then developed action plans to improve options for low-and moderate – income families in their communities. The combined instruction-community service project was so successful that at least Read More →