Bullying in Preschool: What Parents Need to KnowMost people think of the physical aggression and social sniping that characterizes bullying as starting around late elementary school and stretching through high school. But, believe it or not, bullying among preschoolers is more common than you think. Because the behavior is typically associated with older kids, it is often overlooked during the younger years, when it’s hard to tell the difference Read More →

Our Favorite 10 Preschool AppsYour toddler is rapidly growing into a demanding and distractable dynamo eager to explore and experience the world. In a sea of possible preschool apps, which ones provide the best experiences and learning opportunities to prepare your curious tot for preschool and beyond?

Start by looking at the big picture. Preschool skills include much more than pre-reading, writing or arithmetic. Read More →

Answering Jay Greene’s Questions about National StandardsJay Greene is upset that nobody has addressed his concerns about the Common Core State Standards initiative. I respect Jay a lot, and thinks he raises a number of fair points, but he’s playing a typical debater’s game: attacking your opponent’s ideas, rather than defending your own. In this case: raise the specter of what could go wrong with national standards Read More →

The first step in choosing a astronomy telescope for child is to know where to go to buy a astronomy telescope for child. Attention spans of young kids don’t last for long. So buying a big astronomy telescope or a astronomy telescope with lots of astronomy telescope parts may not be the best option. You also need to make sure that the astronomy telescope is suited for children. Read More →

Rapid Programs For Whatsapp for Pc - Where To Go - EducationVoIP agencies currently are attempting to give easier solutions to make cheaper VoIP calls to acquire users started using applications on the mobile phones. We have seen Pingo’s $5 free calling credit utilizing their application EZdial, also there is Whistle Phone’s Free iPhone application to generate free VoIP calls to US. According to us at Free Calls Hub, Read More →

The Post-Graduate Year: What's it all About?A number of private schools offer post-graduate programs for students who, although they’ve successfully graduated from high school, simply aren’t ready for college – at least not the college they’d like to attend. While many kids used to do a pg year with the hope of polishing their resumes and taking another shot at admission to the Ivy League, that may not be realistic Read More →

How to Place at FblaFBLA is a gigantic student organization with hundreds of thousands of members nationwide. So how can you get onstage at State Leadership Conferences, advance to Nationals, and place at the top there?

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At the 2008 National Leadership Conference, I placed 3rd in Economics, one of the most competitive competitions. Read More →

Mistakes are the Mother of Success: But what does this really mean?

Developing confidence is an important part of learning a language. I am a firm believer that mistakes are an important part of any learning cycle. As Henry Ford famously said: “I don’t make mistakes, I learn too much from them”. In the case of English as second language these wise words have so much truth Read More →

Serious Play: Writing and Performing Plays With ChildrenThere are many ways of sorting people into groups. One of the most important groupings for a parent to be aware of is extrovert vs. introvert. Extroverts outnumber introverts three to one. Extroverts are natural performers, but writing and acting out plays isn’t only for them. Introverts can also experience the important challenges, liberation and fun of performing.

Does your child Read More →