Homeschooling The ADD/ADHD ChildBy: Dawn-Elise Snipes

As homeschool parents, there are many options for teaching our children. I have found the variety out there to actually be overwhelming, but few resources actually meet my needs. My son is gifted, but has ADHD. As a clinician and a professor, I hated seeing him struggle in school. Each day he would tell me he had “Carnitors” (T-Rex’s Read More →

Is it Possible to Homeschool an Only Child?Can you homeschool an only child? Many people worry that homeschooling an only child will isolate the child too much. Nothing can be farther from the truth. In fact, in some ways it is easier to homeschool an only child than it is to homeschool multiple children. There are a number of things to take into account if you intend to successfully homeschool Read More →

Still DreamingThe American Dream and the Public Schools

By Jennifer Hochschild and Nathan Scovronick Oxford University Press, 2003, $35; 301 pages.

In The American Dream and the Public Schools, Jennifer Hochschild and Nathan Scovronick offer a panoramic view of American public education and the efforts to reform it. Just a list of key chapter Read More →

The Days Before BrownDuring the early 1950s, in the era before Brown v. Board of Education, I attended W. S. Creecy High School in Rich Square, North Carolina. Because of the state’s segregated school system, W. S. Creecy’s students were all black.

W. S. Creecy was separate from but certainly not equal to the all-white schools in Rich Square. The school enjoyed less funding than the all-white schools, Read More →

Notebooks, and Binders, and Folders, Oh My!School starts this week, and so, like many other parents, I have taken the requisite “school-supply-shopping-trip.” For those who have never had the experience, I envy you. Armed with lists provided by my children’s school, I scoured the internet for the cheapest prices, best sales, most available downloadable coupons, and store most likely to not throw us out when boxes of paper clips and tacks Read More →

Is Spell Check Creating a Generation of Dummies?In a world where almost everything is automated, there’s a heightened concern that kids aren’t mastering the fundamental principles behind the way things work-from levers to locks to the written language.

Since the first spell checker appeared on personal computers in 1980, the tool has caught uncounted misspellings and common usage errors. But, language experts say we’ve Read More →

When Children Fail in School: Understanding Learned HelplessnessLearned helplessness is the belief that our own behavior does not influence what happens next; that is, behavior does not control outcomes or results. For example, when a student believes that she is in charge of the outcome, she may think, “If I study hard for this test, I’ll get a good grade.” On the contrary, a learned helpless student thinks, “No matter how hard I study Read More →

Introduce Astronomy!The chances are good that when you wish upon a star, you’re hoping that your children will grow up to be smart, well-educated, and interested in the world around them. Well, our solar system is a great place to start. Kids who study astronomy learn about physics, geology, geometry, and history, all while enjoying natural beauty.

Of course, those of us whose knowledge of the universe involves Read More →